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Cloverlane sits on an acre in the cozy town of Hockinson, WA (east Vancouver)  where the roots run deep and the locals are as friendly as you will find. Cloverlane’s family lives locally and owns The Furniture Shack in Portland, OR. They purchased the property in October of 2020 and have a great vision for the future.


Cloverlane locally is known as Finn Hall. Finn Hall was built in 1931 by the United Finnish Kaleva Brothers & Sisters (UFKB&S) and holds a special and historic place in the hearts of the community, as many have frequented the establishment over the years. 

Why 'Cloverlane'?

 Cloverlane is named after the families pet, Clover.  Clover was a one of a kind 8lb miniature Yorkie that was beloved by everyone who met her.  

Lower Floor

Cloverlane has two main floors. The lower level consists of a Disney themed room as well as, a themed Irish and sports room, and small mercantile & seating areas. 

Upper Floor

Cloverlane’s upper floor is the main venue and covers 4,000 square feet. It can host events, such as concerts, comedians, theater, dancing, community events, festivals and special event rentals.  

Outdoor Area

There is a planned outdoor area for Cloverlane will be coming in the future.

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